Aaron Madzik, Owner
I have been working in the computer industry since 1998 on both PCs and Macs. After college I worked for Apple Computer, Inc as a Presenter and Business Specialist. At Apple I had the pleasure of teaching classes to people who had never touched a computer, to businesses, photographers, students, and film makers.

Starting in 2003 I worked as an Independent Consultant helping people set up their computers, install programs, backup data, remove viruses, and connect their iPods, iPhones, Blackberries, and other devices.

In 2011 I started Partners in Computing and now get to work with multiple talented Independent Contractors who are highly knowledgeable and expertly patient.

When I'm not working with computers I'm spending time with my family or enjoying an array of outdoor and indoor hobbies: Writing Music, Rock Climbing, Kung Fu, Hiking, and Disc Golf. I am also a proponent of sustainable living and environmental awareness.