All services we provide are $70/hr with no housecall charge. A small distance fee is applied for areas outside of Eugene or Springfield (usually between $5 and $10). Angie's List and Yelp customers can get 10% off our hourly rate. We believe that computer help should be affordable to a wide range of customers which is why we strive to keep our overhead low and never resell items with a markup.

WirelessComputer, Cable/DSL, Wireless Setup
We'll help you find a new desktop or laptop computer, find the best deals, and make sure you're not paying for more than you'll need and use. So many times retail sellers will try to up-sell you on products that you don't need - we'll always be neutral in helping you make an important purchase that should last you for many years to come. We also know that trying to talk to retail sellers, your Cable/DSL service companies, and manufacture companies can be challenging as they talk quickly and ask questions that can be hard to answer; we can help you mediate those as well.
TroubleshootingTroubleshooting, Cleaning, Virus Removal
If your computer starts running slowly, gets infected with a virus, or is acting strangely we'll help you get up and running quickly and at a low cost. If we can't fix it on-site we'll take your computer back to our workbench where we can run scans and hardware tests - only charging you for the time we are actively working on it; so you'll still pay less. And remember, there's no housecall charge for this service.
TutoringTutoring and Training
One of our traits that is often commented on by our clients is how patient and friendly we are in addition to our services and knowledge. We strive to make computers accessible to people who may not know computer terms, who have just transitioned from PC to Mac, or who may be getting their very first computer. We can teach people who are just learning how to turn their computer on or who are trying to learn the ins and outs of Windows, Mac, Word, or their new smartphone.
BackupBackup Assistance
A highly underused necessity for all homes and businesses; we'll help you decide which type of backup works best given the information you have, help you make any purchases, and make sure you know how to do the backups so you'll always be protected in the event of a hardware malfunction or other unforeseen accident.
PartsOther Services
We can help you with a wide assortment of computer and electronic needs. We'll setup TVs, Wiis, design web sites, make Word Templates, and more. If you don't see what you need help with listed, please don't hesitate to ask.