Sometimes you can avoid hazards or get your issue resolved just by knowing a few helpful tips. We've provided a number of them for you here:

Did you know: There has been some remarkable technological advancements in the world of Hard Drives (the thing that stores all of your documents, pictures, etc). For people who primarily just use their computer for e-mail and internet (with the occasional photo or documents) we could switch you to a Solid State Drive (SSD) and speed up your computer dramatically.

Did you know: To keep your e-mail safe, it's best to change your password at least once a year. You'll also want to choose passwords that have a symbol, number, lower, and upper-case, and is 8 characters or longer. For example: euGene41!

How To: Sometimes a program can Freeze, preventing you from shutting down or using it. On a PC you can press ALT-CTRL-DEL to open Task Manager and shut it down. On a Mac, simply click-and-hold on the Application's icon in the Dock until a window pops up; then choose Force Quit.

Did you know: Your computer needs to stay cool. In the Summertime your computer has to work extra hard to stay cool (unless you keep your house Air-Conditioned). It's important to make sure the computer fans and ventilation holes are clean. Give us a call if you notice your fan speeds increasing in volume. If things get too hot, you could burn out a CPU, motherboard, or video card.

Get Help: Are your files backed up? There are 2 really inexpensive solutions! DropBox gives you 2GB free and can even undelete files you accidentily deleted a week ago. Need more space? A 16GB USB stick can be purchased for $12. How to backup? Cobian Backup is free and easy to use! Give us a call to help keep your files safe from hardware malfunction or theft.

Did you know: If you're paying for Anti-Virus software, you're paying too much! Xfinity/Comcast members can get Norton 360 for FREE and even DSL users can get Antivirus products for FREE.

Did you know: When your computer is infected with a virus, it's best to shut the computer down immediately and call us for help. Continuing to use your computer can make things worse and it can get even more infected.

How To: If your internet is acting strangely you can try rebooting your cable/dsl modem and any attached routers. Simply unplug the power to one/both, wait 10 seconds, then plug them back in.

Get Help: Do you use Facebook? Have people been trying to get you on but it seems difficult or time-consuming? We'll help you setup a page and learn the basics so you can stay connected to your friends and family.

Did you know: Disaster can strike at any time and if you haven't backed up you could lose everything on your computer. There are many backup solutions to fit every kind of budget and lifestyle (even FREE!).

Did you know: Over time your computer slows down by misc programs and toolbars that get installed. Many times an older computer just needs a tune-up and some extra memory to be good as new or better!

How To: If you want to select multiple items (documents, pictures, e-mails) you can hold down the "Ctrl", "Shift", or "Apple" key (depending on your computer and software) while clicking on each item.

Did you know: If you have a cat or dog your computer's fans may be clogged full of hair which can cause hardware failures and permanent damage to critical (and costly) components.